1. What is life coaching?

Life coaching is a safe, confidential and non-judgemental space where you can speak openly about your experience and receive support from an experienced coach.

2. Where do the sessions take place?

Because at the moment most of us are required to stay indoors and reduce physical contact, all our sessions take place online, on Zoom (www.zoom.com) or by phone. Your coach will advise you via email how the meeting will take place.

3. Are the sessions confidential?

Yes! As life coaches, we abide to the International Coach Federation code of ethics. The only situation when we are required by law to disclose your details is if there is an immediate threat to yourself or others.

4. What can you support me with?

We support a range of individuals with a variety of challenges. A lot of the people who benefit from this free service, are struggling emotionally or feel worried about the future during this challenging time.

5. I suffer from depression. Is coaching right for me?

Coaching is solution-focused and future focused, and will support you to regain calm and get some perspective. However, coaching does not replace other forms of treatment such as counselling or psychotherapy. If you are suffering from clinical depression or you require specialised clinical treatment, please contact your medical doctor.

6. Is this service really free?

YES. As life coaches, we have united during this time of crisis to give back and offer our support to people who are most affected and finding it difficult to cope.

7. Who are the coaches?

We are life coaches who are in training or certified with Animas Centre for Coaching (www.animascoaching.com). Animas is one of the biggest coaching schools in Europe, and they have offered us the highest standard of training, consisting of 123 training hours accredited by the International Coach Federation. Some of our coaches are already certified, and some are currently in training – however we are all active coaches working with clients.

8. How many sessions can I receive?

As this is a free service based on our coaches volunteering 2 hours every week on a pro bono basis, the amount of sessions you can receive will depend on the coach’s availability and way of working and will be agreed between you and them.

9. Can I continue working with my coach beyond these free sessions?

If you would like to continue working with your coach, you will need to request this from them and this would be outside of the scope of this initiative.

10. Can I contact more than one coach?

As this initiative is aimed to support as many people as possible, please book a session with one coach to ensure that others in need are able to access appointments and support.

11. I’m a coach too and would like to join this initiative to help. Can I?

We are happy to hear that you would also like to offer coaching help to those in need. At the moment for this initiative, we are collaborating with coaches that have trained with Animas.

However, we encourage you and wish you the best in making this part of your own offerings, if you feel called to help others too. Many other coaches have started also offering their services independently as well (outside of this initiative) and spread the word through their personal networks.

Please feel free to follow our Support Haven Facebook page: https://bit.ly/supporthaven, and if we do expand in the future we will let you know.